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Edinburgh (edi) to Birmingham (bhx) lots of pics & 2 vid

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Joined: 27 Jan 2007
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Location: CVT

PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 12:52 am    Post subject: Edinburgh (edi) to Birmingham (bhx) lots of pics & 2 vid Reply with quote

Flight number WW1002
737-300 G Ė TOYJ
Sunday 25th November 07
Dep 13:00
Arr 13:50

After an all too short break in the wonderful capital city of Scotland Edinburgh it was time to return back home and to the kids!

Edinburgh castle

View of Edinburgh from the ramparts of the castle

As you can see for the photo below the area in front of the terminal building is severely limited as it is for all airports in the UK after the events that occurred at near by Glasgow airport. But in this case the extra walk isnít very long at all.

Airport Frontage

Check in was once again very quick and efficient no fuss what so ever from standing in line to getting our boarding cards took less than 10 mins.
Edinburgh is another run of the mill place nothing special about it and reflects its status as a smallish regional airport, Glasgow is near by and offers far more in the way of destinations. The check in concourse is small and I should imagine at busier times it could get very crowded.

Bmi Baby Check in desks the queues are for Ryan Air Check in

Departures are located on the upper level of the airport and once again the public areas are small and could get rather crowded and uncomfortable without necessarily that many people around. The usual fare of over priced coffee shops, bars and retail outlets are present. Security check was very quick in comparison to BHX a few days earlier which had far fewer passengers to deal with, The check was no less secure at Edinburgh.

Public side on upper level

The air side departure lounge was nothing to special lots of places to spend your money on over priced food, drink and other consumer items. The views from the lounge are quite good, great for viewing landings and take offs. A stroll around gives even better views of some of the aircraft parked at their gates.

Some of the traffic at EDI while we waited

Our gate was announced and we made our way to the gate area, the seating at the gate had seen better days and looked to be honest tatty. Boarding commenced with the usual pattern of Families with children and elderly etc to go first then by row number and it was a rather pleasant surprise not to see a mass rush to get on, irrespective of what seat numbers had been called as is the case when travelling to and from India. Boarding was quick and without fuss.
Our Aircraft

The aircraft cabin was clean and tidy albeit the bit of chewing gum that had stuck together a number of pages of what passed for an in flight magazine.
view from seat 17f

Take off like an idiot held the cam the wrong way round!
Shortly after take off a selection over priced snacks and drinks were offered, unfortunately there was a thick covering of cloud which didnít make the view out of the windows very good apart form take off and landing of course.
Landing at BHX

On arrival at BHX we had a remote gate and were off loaded into a bus which took us to the terminal building a journey that must have lasted 2 minutes flat. In all it must have taken less than 5 minutes to clear arrivals only having hand baggage and being a domestic arrival aided the swiftness. Within 40 minutes of touchdown we where sitting at home which emphasises the excellent transport links BHX has and the cheap long stay parking rates.
Disembarking at BHX
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Joined: 16 Dec 2006
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Location: Bangalore, India

PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 12:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Good to read your return TR - seems like BmiBaby's not too bad for regional routes such as this...
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Joined: 27 Jan 2007
Posts: 54
Location: CVT

PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 11:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nimish wrote:
Good to read your return TR - seems like BmiBaby's not too bad for regional routes such as this...

BMI Baby along with the other LCCs operating in the UK are pretty good for short hop journeys, as with all flights book early enough you get bargins I paid £52 for the return flight from BHX to EDI of which a whopping £38 was made up of taxes and fees, it would have cost me more in diesel if I had chossen to drive to Edinburgh diesel is currently around the £1.10 mark per litre! The UK LCCs offer you a seat everything else is an extra cost ie pre booking your seat, fee for each piece of checked baggage and food etc. As for the others I cant really comment on compartive levels of service as this was my first trip on a UK LCC but from what Ive heard and been told by friends its pretty much the same. the other major LCCs are Fly Be, Easy Jet, Thompson Fly and Ryan Air (who are an Irish airline but operate main out of the UK) Easy Jet and Fly Be offer about the same domestic destinations that BMI baby offer Thompson and Ryan Air offer mainly short haul European destinations.
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Joined: 27 Feb 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I did BHX GLA BHX in summer a few years ago . Drove around Scotland for 3 days with a colleague oa lot of places including EDI , Isle of Skye , Inverness and Lochness. Really wonderful and being a Keralite it became clear whoever has coined the much overhyped "God's own country" has not definitely visited Scotland (and I am sure many other places equally or more beautiful).

I flew FlyBE bothw ays in a Dash 400. Onward into GLA was listed as a CRJ but by the time the travel date arrived I ended up in a Dash 400 as CRJ was already leased out (to Air Sahara). I like travelling in turboprops in short sectors (atleast I can see out of the window and dont get sandwiched in middle seat on 3-3). Service on FlyBE was good bothways - Inflight catering was reasonable and service was good . Check in was by Aviance staff in BHX and was rather indifferent (not rude but grumpiness in starting the shift at 4.30 AM showed through). Return check in was excellent (not sure who did the handling), I did remember the flight also had pax on a "change of gauge" service to CDG via BHX. Onward flight was delayed by about an hour but the captain came on PA and explained the delay-how he was on standby and was called out at the last minute- apparently he was staying somewhere far out (I guess just under the maximum allowed legally ) and by the time the chap finally arrived half an hour late, the consequent missing of slot and "flow control" delays made the delay even more worse. But no one was too bothered . The the captain's unusually descriptive apology seemed to have helped - usually a multipurpose "operational reason" or a "late arrival of incoming of aircraft" is the standard. Flight was full both ways.

Commuted into BHX airport from Milton Keynes on National Express reaching at 3 AM in the morning (but then I was travelling on a cheap fare afterall). Return connectiion back to MK was not from the airport but from Digbeth coach station dowtown. Took a local bus from BHX ariport - all smooth - super efficient - seamless (wish our own COK airport planners go there to BHX and learn a lesson or two from there on multimodal connectivity).

As for Digbeth coach station , anyone who has been there will understand that Pune Swargate or COK's KSRTC station has its own charm afterall!!!

To put it mildly Digbeth bus station was a slum ! Maybe it has been cleaned up now - but that last part was the only sore spot on an otherwise wonderful trip - the best holiday I have so far had!!!!
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